Department of Mathematics, FNSPE, Czech Technical University in Prague
Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics

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Combinatorics on Words and Mathematical Physics

Place and Date

Beskydy, Czech Republic
May 19–25, 2013

Topic and Scope

The main theme is combinatorics on words and its applications in physics, informatics, and cryptography.
The topics cover

  • properties of infinite words obtained by interval exchange transformation
  • properties of infinite words coding beta-integers in non-standard numeration systems
  • arithmetics in non-standard numeration systems
  • combinatorics in mathematical physics

The conference is aimed mainly for graduate and undergraduate students and young researchers in the field.


Petr Ambrož (@), Ľubomíra Balková (@), Zuzana Masáková (@), Edita Pelantová (@), Matěj Tušek (@).